solid color epoxy garage floor

Solid Color Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Solid Color Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Our solid color epoxy garage floor coating will enhance and protect any Nashville garage floor. Our Epoxy finish is extremely durable, stain resistant and slip resistant, and maintenance is a breeze. Simply clean it with mild soap and water to keep it looking like new for many years to come.

Our epoxy garage floor coatings come in any color and can be applied to virtually any surface. We manufacture all the Artistic Polymer coatings that we install. Our StampStone® and PolyRock® brands of industrial quality coatings are the best available. Whether you have a favorite color or want to match it to your favorite sports team we can match it. And if you want patterns, we can do that too!

Superior expoxy garage floor coatings for the Nashville area

solid color epoxy floor coating

For most residential garage floors we apply a single or double coat of 100% industrial-grade solid color epoxy. We also offer upgraded coating systems, including clear coating, chemical resistant coatings and extra slip resistant coatings. Our selection of industrial coatings is the widest in the market to ensure years of quality service and durability for our customers. The final result will be a superior finish for any Middle Tennessee residential garage floor.

Like all our products, we back our solid color coatings with a lifetime warranty.

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Solid Color Epoxy Color Chart

View our 12 standard epoxy colors. We can also match any color you choose.

solid color epoxy colors