polished concrete garage floor in Nashville

polish concrete garage floor

Polished Concrete Garage Floors

Polished Concrete Garage Floors

Looking for a stylish, high-end look for your Nashville garage floor? Grinding and polishing your concrete garage floor may be what you are looking for.

Grinding concrete is a straightforward, if somewhat time-consuming process. The plain unremarkable concrete surface is ground to expose the beauty of the aggregate (crushed stone and particles) beneath. We grind the concrete until a smooth surface is created and then polish it. The result is a beautiful smooth finish that is extremely durable, easy to clean and requires very little maintenance.

When completed, the polished concrete can be waxed and buffed for higher shine if desired for interior surfaces. Along with grinding and polishing, concrete can be cut in patterns and accent stained to achieve unique decorative finishes.

polished concrete in Nashville

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Polished concrete offers superior durability

Grinding and polishing concrete has become one of the commercial concrete surface applications of choice for many architects and builders in Middle Tennessee due to the durability and low maintenance requirements of polished concrete. A grind and polished concrete surface has the highest impact resistance of any concrete finish because the surface has minimal sealer application.

For new construction, we will work directly with the builder to install concrete that is perfectly suited for grind and polishing. Artistic Polymers is able to work with the existing concrete floors in good condition to achieve the best possible grind and polished surface.

Artistic Polymers has installed hundreds of grind and polished garage floors in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee. No one is better equipped to handle your customized project.