Aggregate Concrete Sealing

Aggregate Concrete Sealing

Concrete driveways and exterior concrete surfaces in Nashville take a beating. Hot summers, cold winters, rain and even the rays of the sun will eventually cause concrete to stain, crack and crumble. Proper maintenance is a must to ensure the longest life from your aggregrate surfaces.

Proper sealing is an essential component of exposed aggregate concrete maintenance. A quality sealer will greatly enhance the beauty of your driveway, or other concrete surfaces. More importantly, the right sealer will also protect the porous concrete surface from stains and weather-related damage. 

Artistic Polymers uses an exposed aggregate sealer that has a much stronger consistency than anything you’ll find in a big-box store. Our applications last longer and are designed to specifically stand up to the harsh Tennessee weather.

Aggregate Driveway Repair and Sealing – Nashville, TN

Concrete driveways crack over time, it is inevitable. Eventually cracks will occur and they can stick out like a sore thumb on your exposed aggregate driveway. Artistic Polymers can repair these cracks and make them virtually invisible to the eye. After repair, sealing your concrete with our quality sealers will restore the original beauty of your aggregate surfaces, minimize weather related damage and keep them looking good for a longer time.

What is the difference between a ‘sealant’ and a ‘sealer’?

This difference is commonly misunderstood. Sealants are the materials we use to fill and repair cracks. Sealers are applied to the entire surface area, helping to protecting it from additional damage. An analogy might be: sealants are like caulk; sealers are like paint or stain.

Want something more decorative for your concrete? 

Looking for something different for you driveway or concrete surfaces? Check out some of the Artistic Polymers colored and textured finishes that can be applied to your driveway and other exterior concrete surfaces. 

Aggregate before (left) and after sealing (right).

Benefits of Sealing Exposed Aggregate Concrete

  • Improves and maintains appearance
  • Blocks U.V. rays that cause fading
  • Reduces mold/mildew infiltration
  • Protects against water and oil stains
  • Increases longevity of surface
  • Stabilizes the foundation
  • Minimizes damages from water and freezing